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HMG Strategy's 'Transformational CIO Blog' Recognized by BizTech Magazine as one of the 50 Must-Read IT Blogs
Citing its ability "to give engaged, forward-thinking CIOs the tools they need to lead," HMG Strategy's 'Transformational CIO Blog' has been distinguished by CDW's BizTech Magazine as one of the "50 Must-Read IT Blogs in 2015."


HMG Strategy Salutes The 2016 Transformational CIO Award Winners
These annual awards recognize the top-performing Chief Information/Innovation/Technology Officers who have excelled in Leadership, Innovation, Transformation, Industry Give-Back, Management of Extreme Growth, and Legacy Leadership.


Courageous Leadership in a Time of Accelerated Change to Heat Up HMG Strategy's 2016 Phoenix CIO Executive Leadership Summit
More than ever, CIOs are being called upon to summon courageous leadership to help their organizations tackle difficult challenges and reach for new business opportunities. These are the key themes that will be examined at the 2016 Phoenix CIO Summit.


HMG Strategy's 2016 Global Innovation Summit to Focus on The CIO as CEO of Technology and The Courage to Lead in the Future Enterprise
CIOs are standing at the crossroads of transformation and technology. Thanks to their unique view across the enterprise, CIOs have a distinctive perspective that allows them to drive innovation and help their companies push into new frontiers.


Courageous Leadership to Take Center Stage at HMG Strategy's 2016 CIO Summit of America in New York City
In a time when the pace of disruptive change is unprecedented, CIOs are being called upon to demonstrate courageous leadership to help their organizations navigate uncharted waters and deliver market-defining innovation.


HMG Strategy Recognizes IT Thought Leaders, Business Partners for the Success of its 2015 CIO Executive Leadership Summits
Following record attendance at its 40-plus CIO Executive Leadership Summits throughout 2015, HMG Strategy would like to pay tribute to the IT executives, industry thought leaders, and business partners that helped make its events incredibly successful.


HMG Strategy Reveals Six CIO Imperatives for 2016
Following a year in which disruptive innovation has reshaped industries, HMG Strategy looks forward to 2016 with anticipation and optimism at the key challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for CIOs and IT leaders, forseeing six strategic trends.


Disintermediation and Transformation to Drive the Discussion at HMG Strategy's 2015 Financial Services CIO Executive Leadership Summit in New York City
The rapid pace of change that's sweeping across the financial services industry, accentuated by market disintermediation and the comprehensive overhaul of financial regulatory systems, are creating enormous challenges and opportunities for industry CIOs.


HMG Strategy's 2015 Southern California CIO Executive Leadership Summit to Focus on Leadership in a Time of Profound Change
The accelerating pace of disruption in business is necessitating new leadership qualities from CIOs to enable the enterprise respond to change and drive innovation. These are among the central themes that will be explored by CIOs and thought leaders...


Industry Thought Leaders at HMG Strategy's 2015 San Diego CIO Executive Leadership Summit Tackle Navigating the Forces of Digital Disruption
CIOs and industry thought leaders will assess the challenges and opportunities facing the modern enterprise at the 2015 San Diego CIO Executive Leadership Summit on November 3, 2015, held at the Marriott Del Mar.

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