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Dell CIO Enables Transformation of Iconic Global Brand, From the Inside Out
Paul Walsh is a leader in the technology space with more than 20 years of experience across a variety of roles in some of the most respected tech brands in the industry. As CIO of Dell, Paul is responsible for managing an efficient and innovative global IT enterprise focused on technology breakthroughs for the company and delivering new levels of convenience for customers.

Unleashing Disruptive Innovation
Your company doesn't need to be an Apple or an Uber or an Airbnb to grab disruption by the horns. CIOs for companies in industries ranging from financial services to manufacturing to pharmaceuticals can enable their organizations to leverage existing and emerging technologies and spearhead innovation that delivers new forms of value to customers and shareholders.

As Connected Global Economy Grows, CIOs Rise to Meet the Challenge
Scott Fenton, VP and CIO at Wind River Systems, is an excellent example of today's rising technology executive. Wind River is a world leader in embedded software, an area that has become a sweet spot for growth in the connected global economy.

Summoning the Courage to Lead
We're at a point in human history in which the pace and breadth of disruptive change is unrivaled. Technological and business innovation is occurring at a lightning pace. Creative business models are generating bedlam across industries.

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